Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Baking

This past few weeks I have made so much gingerbread cookies you would think that I would be sick of them by now. I found a recipe in one of my many cookbooks and decided to try it out to see if it was worth keeping. After making a batch of five dozen and then having them quickly disappear, I realized I found a keeper.
I love soft cookies, and this recipe was just that, nice and soft, and they are wonderful just out of the oven.
Well last week I made another batch of five dozen for office and neighbor gifts. After successfully wrapping up the office treats, the rest of the cookies started to disappear just as fast as the first ones. At least the second batch got decorated.
As I was planning the list of neighbor gifts, I realized we did not have enough and on Christmas Eve another batch was needed.
Now that everything is handed out and the Christmas rush is through, I find myself wishing for more of those soft gingerbread boys. I just need to stay away from the scales for a while, until I get a hold of my cravings and have the discipline to start the 'New Years Resolution Diet'.
Unfortunately these 15 dozen (yes that is correct, 180 cookies total) came and went so fast I didn't take pictures to post.

Confession - Now that I am writing this I am thinking, "maybe I can make another batch", YUMMY!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Ramblin Mother-really?

I don't consider myself as the typical mother, oh sure I cook, clean, try to get the teenager to do better in school, but I can't see myself as typical.

The 'dream' never started out this way; as I was growing up my future consisted of 8-9 children, yes that is right 8-9; if I remember correctly I wanted one more than my mother. But that didn't go out as planned, I must have caught the curve ball or something. After falling in love with my husband I realized that I will finally become a mother, but not just a mother, a step-mother; one who will love, care and cry for this child that I didn't give birth to or raise from an infant. I get the full grown, already has bad habits in tow, full of attitude teenager. But I am lucky, this teenager is swift to getting jobs done, makes sure that hugs are handed out when we are coming or going, and has not said or mentioned anything about having a 'wicked step-mother', which is a very big concern of mine.

I often wonder if it would have been easier had I raised him from the beginning, or would the same issues be around? How can I get him to talk to us about problems or important situations. Like any parent I don't want him to make terrible mistakes; and I definitely don't want him to get into trouble if we can help him make correct decisions upfront.

I know that many will say that I am worrying like a true parent, except, I didn't get a chance to mold him while he was young, or enjoy his cute kid moments, and exclaim to everyone how fast he has grown up.

Is this how I pictured my life to be like? No
Would I trade it with anyone else? Absolutely Not
Even though each day I worry that I am turning into the 'wicked step-mother', I still look forward to going home from work and try to refine the mold that makes him 'him'.

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time...

I really enjoy the Christmas season with all the wonderful lights on houses, decorations that make the home feel warm, sounds of bells ringing and christmas songs on the radio and in my head, smells of baking especially if it has ginger, cloves, or cinnamon in it, and the feeling of love and appreciation to my Heavenly Father for the real reason for this season...For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord (Luke 2:11).
Christmas has always been a special time for me, but the last couple of years I have really noticed the commercialism in the season, and yes I too was caught up and swept away in it. This year with the help of the recession and barely enough to get by, I am forced into the season bound and determined to catch the true meaning and reason why we celebrate this wonderful time of the year. With the help of church literature, songs of Christ and the scriptures my heart and mind is starting to turn my focus back to the birth of our Saviour.

May your Christmas be filled with the loving spirit of our Saviour, Jesus Christ; and may it stay with you throughout the new year.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Calm before the Holiday Storm

As I am sitting here enjoying the morning sunrise and contemplating on the days events, I realize that this is the calm before the holiday storm. Once Thanksgiving arrives the craziness begins in trying to get in all the holiday cheer through parties, shopping, enjoying chilly walks through Temple Square, and wondering if you'll be missing anything important.
Today the weather looks like it will be fine enough to start handing the christmas lights on the house. Now who can I get to get up on the roof and do a good job? We'll see how the teenage boy will do. Let's hoping.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Story

I should have started posting with this overview, but I didn't think of it until a couple days ago.

I had been single for 45 years and then I decided to get brave and join online dating sites and become more active in the single social scene. That is when I started to receive emails from 'HIM'.

We started to get to know each other by staring at a computer screen, our whirlwind romance had begun. A couple of weeks later David decided to step out from behind the computer screen and meet this smile that he fell in love with. Our first date was a lunch and a matinee. After the movie was over,he asked to go a watch another movie, but I wanted to leave him wanting more, hoping that this would spark another date. Well it worked, he immediately set up another date for the following week. As we got to know each other we both wanted to introduce each other to all of our friends and family.

A few months later we decided to announce to the world that we were going to be officially engaged. We started to look for rings. The day that David picked up my ring was Saturday morning, he then came over to my house to spend the day. I was busy cleaning when he came in and proceeded to kneel down on one knee and officially propose. What a romantic way to propose, have the bride to be all dressed for cleaning with a mop and rag in her hand.

As the wedding got closer we was worried about getting the proper paperwork together for our Eternal Temple Wedding. After holding off mailing invitations until two weeks before the wedding, we finally mailed them off with our backup plan in full swing. The next night David was home sick and I was doing the girlie facial and hairstyle day. I was upstairs when I heard my kitchen door close, wondering if it was a surprise visit from my parents I headed towards the stairs to find out who it was. At the bottom of the stairs is David, all dressed up in a suit and tie and carrying a bouquet of red roses. He them kneels on one knee and asks my to marry him (pause) "in the Salt Lake Temple", which he then pulls out of his jacket pocket the paperwork we were hoping to get. A second proposal and again I am in sweats, barefoot, no makeup and hair doing whatever. The next day we re-printed the announcements and mailed them off with the original Temple wedding plans arranged.

Four days before the wedding, David's son moved in and started his school year. Then all the other wedding guests who were traveling from afar started to show up, ie. Mom and Dad, my brother Preston, and my best friend and maid of honor, from Seattle, Terri.

The wedding was beautiful, as we were being sealed for all time and eternity, I kept thinking don't cry and have your makeup run, so I kept biting the inside of my lip. Later my sister mentioned that she could see what I was doing. After the ceremony we took pictures outside of the Temple and around the Temple Grounds. Later that afternoon we have a luncheon at the Gardner Village Reception Hall, along with the reception later that night at the same place. It was a beautiful fall day, where we were able to utilize the garden area and enjoy the evening.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Thankful for November

This month is a month to reflect on what we are thankful for. I have been listing everyday, so far this month, all the things that I am thankful for. I have noticed a change in my outlook, I have been in a negative mood and since starting this 'Gratitude List' my heart is full of what I have been blessed with. I started doing this list hoping that it would help me look forward to the holidays, another holiday that I am working on getting the full 'Spirit of the Season' is Christmas and I am working on it by studying the Book of Mormon, however, I believe that I am getting more than just the 'Spirit of the Season' by reading the scriptures, I am also getting answers to many of my questions and concerns. I believe that this is going to be a great Holiday Season.
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