Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Baking

This past few weeks I have made so much gingerbread cookies you would think that I would be sick of them by now. I found a recipe in one of my many cookbooks and decided to try it out to see if it was worth keeping. After making a batch of five dozen and then having them quickly disappear, I realized I found a keeper.
I love soft cookies, and this recipe was just that, nice and soft, and they are wonderful just out of the oven.
Well last week I made another batch of five dozen for office and neighbor gifts. After successfully wrapping up the office treats, the rest of the cookies started to disappear just as fast as the first ones. At least the second batch got decorated.
As I was planning the list of neighbor gifts, I realized we did not have enough and on Christmas Eve another batch was needed.
Now that everything is handed out and the Christmas rush is through, I find myself wishing for more of those soft gingerbread boys. I just need to stay away from the scales for a while, until I get a hold of my cravings and have the discipline to start the 'New Years Resolution Diet'.
Unfortunately these 15 dozen (yes that is correct, 180 cookies total) came and went so fast I didn't take pictures to post.

Confession - Now that I am writing this I am thinking, "maybe I can make another batch", YUMMY!

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