Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Ramblin Mother-really?

I don't consider myself as the typical mother, oh sure I cook, clean, try to get the teenager to do better in school, but I can't see myself as typical.

The 'dream' never started out this way; as I was growing up my future consisted of 8-9 children, yes that is right 8-9; if I remember correctly I wanted one more than my mother. But that didn't go out as planned, I must have caught the curve ball or something. After falling in love with my husband I realized that I will finally become a mother, but not just a mother, a step-mother; one who will love, care and cry for this child that I didn't give birth to or raise from an infant. I get the full grown, already has bad habits in tow, full of attitude teenager. But I am lucky, this teenager is swift to getting jobs done, makes sure that hugs are handed out when we are coming or going, and has not said or mentioned anything about having a 'wicked step-mother', which is a very big concern of mine.

I often wonder if it would have been easier had I raised him from the beginning, or would the same issues be around? How can I get him to talk to us about problems or important situations. Like any parent I don't want him to make terrible mistakes; and I definitely don't want him to get into trouble if we can help him make correct decisions upfront.

I know that many will say that I am worrying like a true parent, except, I didn't get a chance to mold him while he was young, or enjoy his cute kid moments, and exclaim to everyone how fast he has grown up.

Is this how I pictured my life to be like? No
Would I trade it with anyone else? Absolutely Not
Even though each day I worry that I am turning into the 'wicked step-mother', I still look forward to going home from work and try to refine the mold that makes him 'him'.

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