Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project Wall

In the past, well since I moved back to Utah, I haven't really set up the sewing room and worked on quilt projects. I don't really consider myself a great quilter, or even an avid quilter, more like a part-time passive quilter. Lately I have been quietly following a blogger that does a lot of quilts and crafts. Judy the editor of Patchwork Times is giving me the enthusiasm to work on my PhD, no I am not talking about schooling, I am very much done with school, I am talking about 'Projects Half Done' and I have many of them as you can tell by my previous blog.
Since that original blog listing 7 quilts that needs to be finished, I have found more projects that I have started and that needs attention as well. This is a paper piecing quilt project that I have been dabbling with; I have a few blocks done and I plan on making more for a queen size quilt for our bed.
As far as my current project I am working on a quilt called Georgetown Wedding Blues. I found the pattern in a 2006 Quilting Block & Pattern-a-Day Calendar by Debby Kratovil. This what I have so far:
Here are some pieces sewn into strips, waiting to be sewn together to make a block.
Here are a few blocks already made.

I have successfully finished the top and backing for Stairway to Cat Heaven. I can't remember where I found the pattern, I do know it was online, somewhere.

This is the front.

And the back is made up of the leftover kitty prints.

Since I am at this time a hand quilter, the actual quilting will take a long time. A couple years ago I purchased a Grace Hand Quilting Frame, and I am a bit nervous to pull it out, put it together, and figure out how to use it. But I need to get working on them so I can give them to the people I originally planned them for.

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