Monday, March 21, 2011

Design Wall - March 21st

It is suppose to be the first day of Spring, but it is still quite chilly outside.

I had internet problems, so I couldn't post my Design Wall earlier; I have it up and running now (as you can tell) but now I have no camera attachment to show you what is on my design wall. Pity because I have a couple things.
I am still slowly working on the Starry Starry Night, this is an older picture from a previous post.
I also joined a 'quilt a-long' with Judy at PatchworkTimes. Last Saturday was National Quilting Day, and Judy designed this beautiful quilt named 'Making Ends Meet' with easy step by step instructions.

My colors do not match what Judy is doing, I am trying to use all the extra fabric that I have stashed away in the closet. Mine will be a Pink, Green, Purple, with a Pattern that contains all three, and a background of White on White. I have been piecing and quilting for years off and on, so I am not a quick piecer and since I still handquilt, I am very slow at that.
If you have been reading my blogs, on my one titled 'Exciting News', where I announced that my DH finally found a job. He is in Arizona training and working and he took our wonderful camera (my wedding gift to him), unfortunately in all the confusion of a broken down car and still trying to get to the hotel, we believe he left his camera on top of the now dead car and didn't realize it was missing until he got into his hotel room. Of course by the time he got back to his car (a day later) there was not a camera in sight.
I pulled out my trusty old digital point and click to start using while he is gone, but I cannot seem to find the attachment cord to download them onto the computer. Yes, this past week has been a crazy one. So, once I can find my camera cord to download the pictures on my computer I can get pictures of my version of this quilt posted for all to see, until then...I guess you'll have to use your imagination.

Sorry I couldn't resist.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Special Family Dinners

Judy L. reviewed a new product from Stouffers called Sautes for Two, see her comments here, she also included a promotion to get people to talk about how they make ordinary dinners into extraordinary.

I came from a large family of eight kids, family dinners was always a feat to prepare and get everyone together, but Mom was always successful. She made it a point to have a sit down dinner with no TV (which was easy since the TV was downstairs). Being in a large family, I remember some arguements about who would sit at the head of the table along with elbow room, my older brother solved that. When he was in high school he took a woodworking class and made an octagon shaped table (at this time there were only 6 kids, totalling 8 with parents), each person had their own side of the table with room for elbows.

Making these dinners special, on Sunday we would pull out the nice lace table cloth, the good plates (sometimes the china), good glasses and matching utinsels. We tried a couple times to have a nice centerpiece but with that many people at the table we needed to put all the food somewhere. So the centerpiece would get moved around as the food was placed on the table until finally it was removed to get it all on.

During my single life, special dinners were always with my best loved friends. We would have a wonderful spread and variety of food, and have great conversations. Later we would pull out the deck of cards and try to 'clean each other's clock' at a rousing game of 'Not Necessarily Rum' and laugh until late into the night.

Today, with just the three of us, our table it a lot smaller and still sometimes there is no room for a centerpiece. Sunday dinners are spent eating wonderful meals that are prepared in the crockpot or other special dishes that everyone enjoys. To make these extraordinary I like to pull out the China, Stemware and Silverware.

What are your special dinner memories and how do you make your dinners extraordinary?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Design Wall - March 14th

My quilt that is on the design wall is exactly the same as last week...meaning I did not work on it.
However I have decided to learn to knit. I tried to search for my old needle to no avail, so I grabbed a couple large wooden skewers to practic. Right now I am practicing the 'knit' stitch and a couple inches later I will practice the 'pearl' stitch and move forward from far so good. I can't post what it looks like right now, DH has the camera with him for the next couple weeks and I can't find the cable to my camera. That tells me I need to do some serious spring cleaning.

To see what is on others design wall go over to Judy's blog at

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Tuesday night we received some exciting news, my DH RECEIVED A JOB OFFER! We are so happy that we can start getting things fixed around the house, along with getting bills totally paid and start moving to get out of debt.
  1. After the first good snow storm (somewhere back in November), my DH was up on the ladder sweeping the snow off of our satelite when he heard a loud noise come from the garage... the spring to the garage door broke, and ever since then we have been parking outside on the driveway.
  2. Around the same time that the garage spring broke, I was getting a cleaning supply out of the cabinet from under the sink. The bottle seemed to be wet. After checking things out more I found that the garbage disposal has a small leak.
  3. About this same time I went to clean out the cat's litter container, (yes we have an automatic scooper that makes worrying about cleaning happen about once a week) well the scooper arm was frozen in the middle of the cycle. Now the cat has to climb over the arm to get into the box and I try to remember to check it more often.
  4. The last couple of months our dishwasher was sounding awful and very loud, which is not right since it is labeled as a Whisper Quiet model. Well last week it is back to being 'whisper quiet'... it doesn't even work. Good old fashioned handwashing it is.
Whatever happened to the saying "All things happen in a set of three"? I count four...actually there could be a five, just before DH lost his job the oven had to be fixed. A switch that senses that the door is closed was broke and the oven would not heat up. So FIVE things happened, Whatever happened to that saying?...must be an 'old wives tell'. Anyway I digress.

DH will be starting his job this Monday down in Phoenix, AZ ... no don't worry we aren't moving, he is just there for training for two weeks.

Did I mention that we are EXCITED and HAPPY!?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Design Wall - Mar 7th

Sadly enough I did not get anything worked on that was on my design wall. I still have the Starry Starry Night blocks that I need to do the smaller stars, however I lost interest about 5 minutes after I entered the sewing room.
I started to sandwich the Stairway to Kitty Heaven,

but lost interest in that as well.

Maybe this week will be better.

If you want to see what others have on their design wall go the

Friday, March 4, 2011

Depressed? Probably

Not sure how this will be played out, but I thought I would put my thoughts and feelings down in hopes that I can get out of this ugly depressed funk that I am experiencing lately. I know and understand that I need to 'buck up' and get out of this mood, but as I keep telling my DH (darling husband) 'It is easier said than done'.
This past week I have been on the bottom track of the 'roller coaster' as you will. I can't seem to pin point the reason why and when I try to 'pep' talk myself out of it, I seem to fall in deeper. I start crying at the drop of a hat (or pen or whatever seems to fall at that point), while my poor DH sits and worries and tries to 'fix' the problem (as all men like to do). Work is hard, I am trying to focus on doing a good job, only to find my emotions building up and trying to take over. To surpress everything I have been resorting to Diet Cokes and Chocolate Donuts, which at some point tends to feed the sad, fat side of me, adding to the deeper fall. At home I think that going and working on a quilt project will help, but I find myself piddling around sewing a few pieces then just sitting there with no energy to do anything. Minutes later I turn off the iron, sewing machine, TV and lights, leave the room closing the door behind me without much success in there.
This is probably really hard to read, but like I said earlier, I am hoping that putting down my thoughts and feelings I might be able to release the pressure and find my way out of this state I'm in. Thinking back to when I felt this bad, I would curl up in my cozy chair and read for months and not do anything... nothing at all... not even answer the phone. Hopefully it doesn't go there.
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