Monday, March 7, 2011

Design Wall - Mar 7th

Sadly enough I did not get anything worked on that was on my design wall. I still have the Starry Starry Night blocks that I need to do the smaller stars, however I lost interest about 5 minutes after I entered the sewing room.
I started to sandwich the Stairway to Kitty Heaven,

but lost interest in that as well.

Maybe this week will be better.

If you want to see what others have on their design wall go the


  1. I hope your interest returns. I just got through about 5 weeks of no interest and it is hard :)

  2. Sometimes visiting other blogs helps me, but I think we all know how it feels to go to sew and then just lose your mojo after a few minutes! Very frustrating!

  3. Love that starry night quilt!! I hope you are feeling more interested in things soon and that you are feeling more yourself. I really find that I need to keep on my routine to avoid the lack of interest.

  4. The cat quilt is so cute. You need to hide chocolate in your quilting room - gives you immediate inspiration! ( or maybe that is just me LOL)


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