Monday, March 14, 2011

Design Wall - March 14th

My quilt that is on the design wall is exactly the same as last week...meaning I did not work on it.
However I have decided to learn to knit. I tried to search for my old needle to no avail, so I grabbed a couple large wooden skewers to practic. Right now I am practicing the 'knit' stitch and a couple inches later I will practice the 'pearl' stitch and move forward from far so good. I can't post what it looks like right now, DH has the camera with him for the next couple weeks and I can't find the cable to my camera. That tells me I need to do some serious spring cleaning.

To see what is on others design wall go over to Judy's blog at

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  1. Be careful....knitting quickly becomes addictive. It took me years to master sock knitting and that is the only thing I knit. Loads of fun.


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