Monday, March 21, 2011

Design Wall - March 21st

It is suppose to be the first day of Spring, but it is still quite chilly outside.

I had internet problems, so I couldn't post my Design Wall earlier; I have it up and running now (as you can tell) but now I have no camera attachment to show you what is on my design wall. Pity because I have a couple things.
I am still slowly working on the Starry Starry Night, this is an older picture from a previous post.
I also joined a 'quilt a-long' with Judy at PatchworkTimes. Last Saturday was National Quilting Day, and Judy designed this beautiful quilt named 'Making Ends Meet' with easy step by step instructions.

My colors do not match what Judy is doing, I am trying to use all the extra fabric that I have stashed away in the closet. Mine will be a Pink, Green, Purple, with a Pattern that contains all three, and a background of White on White. I have been piecing and quilting for years off and on, so I am not a quick piecer and since I still handquilt, I am very slow at that.
If you have been reading my blogs, on my one titled 'Exciting News', where I announced that my DH finally found a job. He is in Arizona training and working and he took our wonderful camera (my wedding gift to him), unfortunately in all the confusion of a broken down car and still trying to get to the hotel, we believe he left his camera on top of the now dead car and didn't realize it was missing until he got into his hotel room. Of course by the time he got back to his car (a day later) there was not a camera in sight.
I pulled out my trusty old digital point and click to start using while he is gone, but I cannot seem to find the attachment cord to download them onto the computer. Yes, this past week has been a crazy one. So, once I can find my camera cord to download the pictures on my computer I can get pictures of my version of this quilt posted for all to see, until then...I guess you'll have to use your imagination.

Sorry I couldn't resist.

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