Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Tuesday night we received some exciting news, my DH RECEIVED A JOB OFFER! We are so happy that we can start getting things fixed around the house, along with getting bills totally paid and start moving to get out of debt.
  1. After the first good snow storm (somewhere back in November), my DH was up on the ladder sweeping the snow off of our satelite when he heard a loud noise come from the garage... the spring to the garage door broke, and ever since then we have been parking outside on the driveway.
  2. Around the same time that the garage spring broke, I was getting a cleaning supply out of the cabinet from under the sink. The bottle seemed to be wet. After checking things out more I found that the garbage disposal has a small leak.
  3. About this same time I went to clean out the cat's litter container, (yes we have an automatic scooper that makes worrying about cleaning happen about once a week) well the scooper arm was frozen in the middle of the cycle. Now the cat has to climb over the arm to get into the box and I try to remember to check it more often.
  4. The last couple of months our dishwasher was sounding awful and very loud, which is not right since it is labeled as a Whisper Quiet model. Well last week it is back to being 'whisper quiet'... it doesn't even work. Good old fashioned handwashing it is.
Whatever happened to the saying "All things happen in a set of three"? I count four...actually there could be a five, just before DH lost his job the oven had to be fixed. A switch that senses that the door is closed was broke and the oven would not heat up. So FIVE things happened, Whatever happened to that saying?...must be an 'old wives tell'. Anyway I digress.

DH will be starting his job this Monday down in Phoenix, AZ ... no don't worry we aren't moving, he is just there for training for two weeks.

Did I mention that we are EXCITED and HAPPY!?


  1. Yey So happy for you guys! You know the saying, "When it rains it pours." Now that one isn't a old wives tale. Sorry to hear you're having such bad problems, but now that David has a job I'm sure things will only get better. Just remember that any challenge that crosses your path you can conquer it and you will come out stronger and wiser. Love you guys and I wish you the best

  2. I find it funny that with your counting you didn't mention the lost job. ;) So happy things are going to get back on track. Happiness to all of you!


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