Monday, April 4, 2011

Design Wall 4-04

Yeah I am finally done with the top of Judy's Making Ends Meet.
I tend to have problems with pieced borders, so in some areas I couldn't 'make ends meet' correctly. So I had to jerryrig it, hopefully it doesn't look too bad.
I also ran out of purple so I couldn't do the last two borders, I was thinking on doing a large 4 1/2" border in white, but I think I like it the way it is.
Now I can return my focus on my Starry Starry Night one this week.

I need to make some smaller stars, then put it all together and figure out a border.
As you can tell, I was able to find my camera cord so I can download my pictures. Unfortuately this is our major camera now. DH lost his really nice one, it was his wedding gift from me. He got a job and needed to train in Pheonix, he drove down and a few miles out of town his car broke down, it threw a rod, for those who understand car stuff. This means it will be about $3600 to rebuild the entire engine. Well the car is not worth that so now we are down to one vehicle, my SUV that I drive to work everyday. In all the craziness of the car breaking down, him trying to still get to the hotel, he believes he left his camera on top of the car. Of course this screams 'Free Camera!'. Too bad it was a real nice one.
So now we are out of a nice camera, down one car, and the job did not work out (didn't care for the ethics of the company). Hopefully there is something better out there for him. Wish us luck!

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  1. The quilt looks fine even if you had to fudge a bit. I don't think anyone would know.

  2. Your quilt turned out beautiful as it is.


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