Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Need Quilting Ideas

 Now that I have completed the 54-40 or Fight quilt, I have nothing planned to make next.
A fellow blogger is having a giveaway of this wonderful stack:

It would be so wonderful to be able to win this. I would love some ideas as to what kind of cheery quilt pattern that it can become.
What are your suggestions?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Design Wall-May 23rd

im starting to realize why some peoples post have no proper punctuation...they are doing it from their phones. that is what i am doing now and believe me i am desparately trying to capitalize and punctuate, but to success.

Okay, so the not being able to punctuate was driving me crazy, so I had to get on my computer and do it properly...this is so much better.

What is on my design wall today, you ask? NOTHING, because I finished the 54-40 or Fight Quilt. I received some inspiration from Judy and added a pieced border. Nothing too fancy, but it is the first one ON MY OWN, it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. What do you think?
Here it is, blocks made and waiting to be sewn together.

Here it is with the first border. The McCalls pattern called for two more borders a 1 1/2" white and a 4 1/2" blue.

But this is what I did. I love the checkerboard border that I added. It also made it larger, instead of the original size of 48x64 lap quilt, it is now a bit larger at 54x68. Now I need to figure out how to quilt it, and since I do not have a long arm, the big question is...should I have someone do it or should I quilt it by hand?

If you want to see other wonderful designs go to Judy's by clicking here.

Friday, May 13, 2011


So this past day and a half the blogger was down and that is when I realized I am addicted to blog stalking. I didn't think it was that bad, after trying many times to get on and getting frustrated because I couldn't get my fix, that is when I found that it was leaning towards bad.

Not only am I addicted to blog stalking, I also have an addiction to Diet Coke, anything sweet, chocolate, food, quilting, and most anything that I set my mind to work on. Any type of addiction must have a background to it -
  • DC - its been too long to figure that one out.
  • Anything sweet - I have a major sweet tooth and have had it since I was a tot.
  • Chocolate - I blame that on genetics, all of my relatives on my mother's side is considered a chocoholic.
  • Food - my comfort. I am an emotional eater, which is not helping right now.
  • Quilting - I was a spot quilter here and there, until I met my BFF. She started to teach me new techniques and helped me when I was having trouble. We then started to have sew days and now I am hooked.
  • The last one is difficult to explain (no, I am not a member of the Huntsman family, who has difficulties explaining his religious relationship). I have found lately, that on Saturday I would say "A little time outside getting the yard nice, a little time cleaning the house,a a little time sewing/quilting, and a little time preparing the Sunday School lesson". I will go outside and 5 hours later my DH is telling me to 'quit already'; the house is still dirty, no sewing done this week, and the lesson was not finalized until Sunday morning, pathetic.
I am sure that there are other addictions, but right now I am probably in denial with them. As far as finding a balance with everything in my life, well... I am clueless...or am I careless?

Suggestions would be nice, if I like them I may implement them into my life, if not, well...sorry...or am I really? You decide.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tribute to Mom

Daisy's are my Mothers favorite
 Not all people are aware that my middle name is my mother's name; and I am truly proud to have it. My mother is my best friend, we can talk for hours (if Dad would allow us), and we enjoy being in each other's company. Growing up I was always told that I sounded like Mom, even Dad was fooled when he would call from work and I would answer the phone.

Being the oldest daughter (second oldest child), Mom made sure that she taught me how to cook, sew, crochet, quilt, garden, clean, and how to patiently work with Dad. She also taught me how to drive; I am trying to remember her patience and techniques, since I am now trying to teach the newly 16 year old.
Mom is a very patient and easy-going person, and I have some of her patience and a lot of her easy-going attitude. I have always looked up to Mom and wanted to be like her in many ways; I do remember that at one point in my life I wanted the same amount of kids she had and a few times one more that what she had. Looking back now, my mind can only scream, 'ARE YOU CRAZY?!', since she had eight children.

I am very grateful to my Mother for everything that she taught and suffered through with me. She continues to subtly instruct me, now only by words but by action. Mom and Dad are now in the last months of an 18 month mission for our church; they are serving in the temple in Guayaquil Ecuador; they are expected to be home around July 11th. I am counting down the time until they return, not only to get rid of their dogs that we have been watching, but to be able to sit and talk to them in person (no more Skype calls).

Thanks Mom for all that you have done for me and I hope that I will be close to the type of person you are, even if I am only half the person you are I am doing great.


Happy Mother's Day

Monday, May 2, 2011

Design Wall - May 2nd

I'm sure that I am a disappointment to all who follows my design wall. This past week was not a healthy week for me; I suffered from a major headache all week long and when Saturday came (my free day to sew up a storm) I was so backed up on everything else that sewing was on the bottom of my priority list. So the door to the sewing room was not opened and I am sure that there have not been any of Cinderella's mice up there surprising me.
So my design wall is the same as last week

I am doing it in the same color scheme. I hope to have more done this week.

If you want to see other quilter's design wall, visit Judy L. at
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