Friday, May 13, 2011


So this past day and a half the blogger was down and that is when I realized I am addicted to blog stalking. I didn't think it was that bad, after trying many times to get on and getting frustrated because I couldn't get my fix, that is when I found that it was leaning towards bad.

Not only am I addicted to blog stalking, I also have an addiction to Diet Coke, anything sweet, chocolate, food, quilting, and most anything that I set my mind to work on. Any type of addiction must have a background to it -
  • DC - its been too long to figure that one out.
  • Anything sweet - I have a major sweet tooth and have had it since I was a tot.
  • Chocolate - I blame that on genetics, all of my relatives on my mother's side is considered a chocoholic.
  • Food - my comfort. I am an emotional eater, which is not helping right now.
  • Quilting - I was a spot quilter here and there, until I met my BFF. She started to teach me new techniques and helped me when I was having trouble. We then started to have sew days and now I am hooked.
  • The last one is difficult to explain (no, I am not a member of the Huntsman family, who has difficulties explaining his religious relationship). I have found lately, that on Saturday I would say "A little time outside getting the yard nice, a little time cleaning the house,a a little time sewing/quilting, and a little time preparing the Sunday School lesson". I will go outside and 5 hours later my DH is telling me to 'quit already'; the house is still dirty, no sewing done this week, and the lesson was not finalized until Sunday morning, pathetic.
I am sure that there are other addictions, but right now I am probably in denial with them. As far as finding a balance with everything in my life, well... I am clueless...or am I careless?

Suggestions would be nice, if I like them I may implement them into my life, if not, well...sorry...or am I really? You decide.

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  1. I understand completely. I tend towards an "everything or nothing" mentality on tasks. I refuse to paint a room one wall at a time. If I can't do the whole room all at once, I won't do it. Problem with that is, there are a lot of rooms in our house that could use a coat of paint!

    When I am productive, I am REALLY productive - when I'm not I am REALLY lazy. (Makes for sore Sunday mornings)


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