Monday, May 23, 2011

Design Wall-May 23rd

im starting to realize why some peoples post have no proper punctuation...they are doing it from their phones. that is what i am doing now and believe me i am desparately trying to capitalize and punctuate, but to success.

Okay, so the not being able to punctuate was driving me crazy, so I had to get on my computer and do it properly...this is so much better.

What is on my design wall today, you ask? NOTHING, because I finished the 54-40 or Fight Quilt. I received some inspiration from Judy and added a pieced border. Nothing too fancy, but it is the first one ON MY OWN, it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. What do you think?
Here it is, blocks made and waiting to be sewn together.

Here it is with the first border. The McCalls pattern called for two more borders a 1 1/2" white and a 4 1/2" blue.

But this is what I did. I love the checkerboard border that I added. It also made it larger, instead of the original size of 48x64 lap quilt, it is now a bit larger at 54x68. Now I need to figure out how to quilt it, and since I do not have a long arm, the big question is...should I have someone do it or should I quilt it by hand?

If you want to see other wonderful designs go to Judy's by clicking here.


  1. Stunning!! Great work.

    BTW after a while you just get used to punctuation and capitalization on the phone LOL.

  2. That looks awesome. You did an amazing job Kari! I need to crack the whip and get mine done! I love the quilt! Hand quilting would be hard! I wouldn't have the patience to do it myself, but I'm sure you'd do it just perfect! It would certainly give you something to do on these rainy days when you can't go outside. :)

  3. Love the borders. What a wonderful quilt. Nice job.

  4. I have been waiting to see the completed top. It is great. the borders really make it special.

  5. Beautiful! That must have been pretty difficult.


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