Monday, May 2, 2011

Design Wall - May 2nd

I'm sure that I am a disappointment to all who follows my design wall. This past week was not a healthy week for me; I suffered from a major headache all week long and when Saturday came (my free day to sew up a storm) I was so backed up on everything else that sewing was on the bottom of my priority list. So the door to the sewing room was not opened and I am sure that there have not been any of Cinderella's mice up there surprising me.
So my design wall is the same as last week

I am doing it in the same color scheme. I hope to have more done this week.

If you want to see other quilter's design wall, visit Judy L. at


  1. I hope this week is better. Headaches are so terrible!

  2. Hope you're soon feeling better. Love you design wall background...and the blue hearts that are created with the setting of those blocks.

  3. A week-long headache would keep anybody down. Hope you're feeling better now.


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