Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tribute to Mom

Daisy's are my Mothers favorite
 Not all people are aware that my middle name is my mother's name; and I am truly proud to have it. My mother is my best friend, we can talk for hours (if Dad would allow us), and we enjoy being in each other's company. Growing up I was always told that I sounded like Mom, even Dad was fooled when he would call from work and I would answer the phone.

Being the oldest daughter (second oldest child), Mom made sure that she taught me how to cook, sew, crochet, quilt, garden, clean, and how to patiently work with Dad. She also taught me how to drive; I am trying to remember her patience and techniques, since I am now trying to teach the newly 16 year old.
Mom is a very patient and easy-going person, and I have some of her patience and a lot of her easy-going attitude. I have always looked up to Mom and wanted to be like her in many ways; I do remember that at one point in my life I wanted the same amount of kids she had and a few times one more that what she had. Looking back now, my mind can only scream, 'ARE YOU CRAZY?!', since she had eight children.

I am very grateful to my Mother for everything that she taught and suffered through with me. She continues to subtly instruct me, now only by words but by action. Mom and Dad are now in the last months of an 18 month mission for our church; they are serving in the temple in Guayaquil Ecuador; they are expected to be home around July 11th. I am counting down the time until they return, not only to get rid of their dogs that we have been watching, but to be able to sit and talk to them in person (no more Skype calls).

Thanks Mom for all that you have done for me and I hope that I will be close to the type of person you are, even if I am only half the person you are I am doing great.


Happy Mother's Day


  1. 8 children, wow. My mom had 5 and that seemed a lot at the time. What a great tribute.

    I thought I was following you before, but I guess not. Following now.

  2. Great tribute. I don't know your mom, but she must be pretty okay if she's got you and Kris. (Seems when I first met you guys they were on another mission ...)

  3. Yes, this is their second mission. The first one was in Bahia, Argentina; and now this one in Guayaquil, Ecuador.


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