Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Have a Great Trip?

I was finally successful in getting and good picture of my foot after the wonderful spill I displayed last Thursday.
Here is proof that I actually hurt myself. OUCH! This was taken last night, after 4 days and it is still very swollen and look and the pretty colors! I have decided that instead of painting my toenails this summer I thought of starting a new trend and put the colors on the entire foot. What do you think?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Design Wall 6-20

Unfortunately my Design Wall is the same as last week, and not by choice.

Last Thursday while walking from work to my car, I all of a sudden ended up spralled out on the parking lot ground. I don't remember tripping or stepping on a rock or crack, but I twisted my left ankle pretty badly; when I fell I landed on my right knee and elbow, banging up my knee and scrapping the elbow. Friday I could barely walk and lasted a few hours as work. Saturday and Sunday I was down with my ankle propped up on pillows. I tried to take photos of it, but the camera didn't pick up the awful color that my foot turned to. So unfortunately no sewing done at all. Today I was able to walk a little bit better on it and lasted the entire day at work; it is still sore, but my walking speed is better than the 'slow motion' speed that one of the construction guys labeled last Friday.
This is what I am working on, I need to go and get background material, which will be the same shade as my tan carpet or a light gray, depending on what I can find.
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Food Storage #2

I thought of first addressing WATER (at the request of a fellow blogger).

Storing water in hold milk jugs is a BIG NO! According to FEMA, if you are choosing your own containers, you should not choose plastic or cardboard containers that have had milk or fruit juice in them. "Milk protein and fruit sugars cannot be adequately removed from these containers and provide an environment for bacterial growth when water is stored in them. Cardboard containers also leak easily and are not designed for long-term storage of liquids." FEMA also mentions not to use glass, because they can easily break and are heavy to carry. And ProvidentLiving.org also stated that milk jugs do not seal well and become brittle over time.

So what should you use?

ProvidentLiving suggests using only food-grade containers that are made of PETE plastic or heavier plastic buckets or drums.
If you choose to use your own containers these containers must have screw on lids, two liter plastic soda bottles, is the recommended container.

Both FEMA and ProvidentLiving suggests the following cleaning process before you use the 'soda bottles'. Clean the bottles with dishwashing soap and water, and rinse completely, sanitize by adding a solution of 1 teaspoon of household bleach, make sure that it is non-scented, no thickeners or additives are in the bleach, just plain old bleach. Swish the sanitizing solution in the bottle so it touches the entire surface of the bottle, neck, and lid. After sanitizing, thoroughly rinse out with clean water.

Filling Water Containers
This next information is directly from FEMA:
"Fill the bottle to the top with regular water. If the tap water has been commercially treated from a water utility with chlorine, you do not need to add anything else to the water to keep it clean. If the water you are using comes from a well or water source that is not treated with chlorine, add two drops of non-scented liquid household chlorine bleach to the water. Tightly close the container using the original cap. Be careful not to contaminate the cap by touching the inside of it with your finger. Place a date on the outside of the container so that you know when you filled it. Store in a cool, dark place. Replace the water every six months if not using commercially bottled water.

If you choose to use commercially bottled water, keep it in its original container and do not open it until your are ready to use it. Also pay attention to the expiration date.

So How Much Should You Have?
You should plan on at least ONE GALLON per Person per Day, now this is a base starting point. Each individual needs will vary based on age, physical condition, activity, diet and climate. FEMA states that children, nursing mothers, and ill people will need more water; also if the temperatures are very hot the usage can double; and medical emergencies may require more water as well.

Our family will start saving our soda bottles and start adding water to our food storage. Hope this information will help you start your water storage, nudge you to continue adding to your storage, or go and check your dates to make sure nothing has expired.

What would you like to learn about concerning food storage? Comment or send me an email, I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, questions, or concerns.


Design Wall 6-13-11

I am at a crossroads in trying to decide what to do with my Scrappy Pineapple Blossom Quilt.
This is what I posted last week, however I started to play around with the arrangement and added the scrappy star that was made from the HST.
This is the arrangement that I came up with and really like, but now what to do with the background?

Sorry this picture is blurry, but here it is with the white. I'm not a fan of this because I am worried that the wonderful design that the white is making will get lost with the white background.

Here it is with Natural, still not a fan.

Here it is with a brownish background; its looking better.

And here it is with black, well sort of; the only black I had was the back of another quilt, hopefully you get the idea.
I need some help!!! What kind of background should I use? I kind of like my carpet color, light tan, but I am not sure. Like I said I NEED HELP!!!

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Food Storage a MUST

Many of you know what our family has been going through these past 8 months. But for those who do not let me briefly touch base with you.
In October 2010 my DH lost his job, we felt that we would be successful in building a MLM (multi-level marketing) business; however with the economy the way it was, understandably people wanted to hold on to their money. This resulted in DH to start looking for another full time regular paying job. During this time I still had my job that was able to keep up with the house payment, utilities, and the bare necessities; while a lot of things that we could live without was dropped of the back of the wagon, like date night dinner and movies, Christmas for us parents (we made sure the teen got his), it even got as bad as no new makeup or perfume for me, wearing holy socks and tired shoes.
This is not a pity post, it is just to let you know how tight things have become. This is where the real post begins.
I am and have been for many years very active in making sure that we had a fully stocked Food Storage. I was teased by my DH when we first got married (three years ago in August), especially with the toilet paper (no one wants to run out of TP). Today he now understands the full meaning of having a food storage. While right now our storage is very depleted, we will be building it up soon, now that my DH is again working.

So you're wondering helpful hints on how to start, add, or anything about a food storage? I believe I can help. I would like to start giving helpful hints and just to make sure that it is not all from my pea brain head, I will be obtaining information from different sources which I will clearly reference, no plagiarism here. If you have any wonder hints or ideas, please drop me an email, if I haven't already mentioned it and if it seems credible or insightful I will post it here and give you credit. Also don't worry, I will not be trying to get you to buy any expensive storage units or food; this will only be for reference to what is available and how an everyday family can build their food storage.

“We can begin ever so modestly. We can begin with a one week’s food supply and gradually build it to a month, and then to three months. … I fear that so many feel that a long-term food supply is so far beyond their reach that they make no effort at all.
“Begin in a small way, … and gradually build toward a reasonable objective." President Gordon B. Hinckley in 2002 General Conference.

Tip # 1 - DO NOT STRESS OVER IT! For many years I would worry about what to do, where to start, among many other things, in fact I spent so much time stressing over it that my food storage never was started. Finally I decided to 'chill' and started out small (real small) and purchased a few more cans of goods than what I usually use. So take a deep breath ....... and start storage building.

Isn't this pretty, sure wish mine looked like this.
Stay tuned for more tips and hints. Together we can build our self reliance through food storage.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Niagara Falls

Last night we received some new that brought tears to both of our eyes, that turned into Niagara Falls.

For the last 8 months my DH has been out of a job. As each month passed the money situation became tighter and tighter, I was totally worried about how to make ends meet and still keep the house. We went through having no Christmas for each other (we was able to get the teen his christmas on the light side); a very very light New Years, no Valentines, and an extremely small Easter. We tried to keep the spirit of the season up, but it was difficult knowing that the traditional things cost money, i.e. Nutcraker, movies, even gas to drive around and enjoy lights.

After many interviews and let downs, last night while in the grocery store getting items that we desparately need and trying our best to stay within a small budget, DH received a phone call that started the emotional outbreak. A few people mentioned that we must have received good news, it was more like GREAT news. He was offered a job, not a grand job, but a reliable one that will help put us back on our feet. I cannot count how many times I thanked our Heavenly Father for this huge blessing, and I will continue to thank him over and over.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Design Wall 6-06

I have been wanting to do a scrappy quilt for a long time, but have been very nervous about doing one. However seeing a few wonderful scrappy quilts done by other quilters I have decided that it is about time for me to do one, especially since I have a lot of odds and ends that I just couldn't throw away. So after looking at different options I have decided to do this block:
Since this is my first scrappy quilt, I am still undecisive about it. I will continue to finish the six blocks and make more blocks, then I will decide from there what type of design strikes my fancy.

If you want to see what others are doing on their design wall you can visit Judy L's here.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finally Completed!

I have been debating on whether to post this or not, and after a few quilting blog friend's encouragement I have decided that I need to post it even though I am not truly pleased with it.

This is a quilt that I wanted to do since a real good friend of mine (T) lost her beautiful black cat. When 'T' moved into her new condo, she decided that it was too quiet and lonely; a co-worker of mine was moving and needed to give away this black cat she called Angel. She had another cat that was white and I believe her name was Devil, which fit her demeanor, she ruled the roost and was very mean to Angel, making him totally scared of everything. 'T' fell in love with him and took him home, he was scared of everything, even the tile flooring in the kitchen and bathroom; that is when she decided his name needed to be changed to Boo. It took him a few years to completely relax and even be able to go into the kitchen.

Boo and T went great together. T would work on quilts and other projects while Boo would sit on the back of her chair and 'supervise'. Unfortunately after he passed away, 'T' realized that she did not take any pictures of him, so I thought of this to help her remember him and his wonderful life with her, his heaven.

'T' if you are reading this blog know that I love you and will get you this quilt soon.

Here are a few more pictures. The reason that I am not real pleased with it is because I machine quilted (my first in about 7 years) and it looks rough and unpolished.
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