Monday, June 20, 2011

Design Wall 6-20

Unfortunately my Design Wall is the same as last week, and not by choice.

Last Thursday while walking from work to my car, I all of a sudden ended up spralled out on the parking lot ground. I don't remember tripping or stepping on a rock or crack, but I twisted my left ankle pretty badly; when I fell I landed on my right knee and elbow, banging up my knee and scrapping the elbow. Friday I could barely walk and lasted a few hours as work. Saturday and Sunday I was down with my ankle propped up on pillows. I tried to take photos of it, but the camera didn't pick up the awful color that my foot turned to. So unfortunately no sewing done at all. Today I was able to walk a little bit better on it and lasted the entire day at work; it is still sore, but my walking speed is better than the 'slow motion' speed that one of the construction guys labeled last Friday.
This is what I am working on, I need to go and get background material, which will be the same shade as my tan carpet or a light gray, depending on what I can find.
If you want to see the progress of other design walls visit Judy L. by clicking here.


  1. Geez, hope you are feeling better - one day at a time!
    Your quilt will be waiting for you once you are back 100%.

  2. I haven't seen a Pineapple Blossom that I didn't like. The blocks look great, and I LOVE the idea of using the Bonus Triangles as "corner stone pinwheels." ((I usually just use them in the border)). I'll have to remember that next time :0)

  3. I love your arrangement of Pineapple Blossom paired with the pinwheels. I wond Pineapple Blossom's this last month in Block Lotto. I may have to play with adding pinwheels. Thank you for the inspiration. Toni

  4. Very bright and very fun! Hope you get back to 100% quickly!

  5. Grown ups are lousy at falling down because they don't bounce back like the little kids! Hope you're healing up fast. Love the repeat view of the pineapple blossom blocks and pinwheels. They will look great with the tan or gray.

  6. OMG - the same thing happen to me at school - luckily a Senior caught me and I didn't go flying - BUT my foot was pretty badly bruised! The ankle was fine - but the foot was totally out of commission - I couldn't walk for a few days - I hobbled for a week and it was sore for at least 3 weeks. The bruising and swelling didn't go down for 4 weeks!! No break - no sprain just a God awful bruise! Geesh!! So feeling your pain!


Please let me know what you think and how I am doing. I would love to hear from you!

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