Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pioneer Day - July 24th

The 24th of July is a holiday in Utah. If you are not aware of Mormon history the saints were driven out of their beautiful Nauvoo, IL; they crossed the plains and many brutal miles of wilderness. On the 24th of July 1847 the Prophet Brigham Young came into view of the Salt Lake Valley and proclaimed 'This is the Place'; this is where the saints will be able to freely worship and live without persecutions. So every 24th of July is Pioneer Day or also known as the Days of '47.

Back on the 12th of July my parents returned from serving a 18 month mission for the LDS Church. They were working/serving in the Guayaquil, Ecuador Temple. On the 24th (Sunday) they had their Homecoming Talk, reporting on what they did and the experiences that had. They live in Monticello, Utah (which is about 5 hours southeast of Salt Lake City) and most of our large family (eight kids) was able to go down, be with them, enjoy each others company, and go to their homecoming.
Since it was Pioneer Day weekend, Saturday their small town of Monticello had a parade, our family was able to get wonderful seats in the shade of the San Juan County Building, especially since it was a blistering 101 degrees. Mom and Dad are on the steps in the center, and yes that is me working on a quilt, that will be given to my parents once it is done, and yes they are aware of the gift, in fact I needed more ideas from Mom letting her have a choice on some of the quilting designs.

At this point I am quilting a rope pattern in one of the white borders, quilting with red thread (my first hand quilted section with colored thread).
"Smile babe", says DH.

Then he yells, "what kind of smile is that?" I tell him to turn around. At that time a firetruck carrying the baseball state champions was passing, shooting water into the crowd from the fire hose. All I could think of is 'please don't get us, my quilt is not ready to be washed!' Luckily we were back far enough and the boys didn't know how to turn it on full blast.
So here are a bunch of photos showing what I have done so far (still working on it).

Here is the rope hand quilted in red thread.

Does Malee approve? After a close inspection...

She is still deliberating...

The answer is YES! The Princess approves!

As you can tell there is a mixture of machine quilting and hand quilting. All the borders are done by hand with the exception of the stitch in the ditch around each border.

This weekend was wonderful, to see most of our family, two brothers and families were not able to make it, on lives in the Philippines and the other had to work; and reconnect with our parents. WELCOME HOME MOM AND DAD!
Gathering for a family picture (which will need to be posted later when it gets emailed to me).

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lost Energy

This past month has not been a great month for me, somehow I seem to have lost all energy to do anything, I don't know why or how, I just don't want to do a lot of things.
I sit at my sewing machine, but I don't have the heart to work on a quilt project that is almost complete, for very long, luckily I made it a point to at least finish the stippling on a portion of it, I am machine quilting or attempting it. I have a few more border areas to quilt, then binding and it is off to my parents as a gift.
Lately my DH has been fixing our dinners, he is a good cook and enjoys trying new dishes (maybe not new to us but new to him in making it).
Church as also been on the very low of my totum pole of energy, which is really bad because I teach 17 year old gospel doctrine class, my sweet DH who was the Sunday School President would teach my class when I wouldn't show up. I say was, because he now has been released, so I need to somehow pick myself up and find my energy to go and teach.
Last week my parents came home from their mission (they served in the Guayaquil Ecuador Temple Mission for 18 months), while they were gone we watched over two over their dogs (the third one is at one of their friends') and tended to all of Mom's house plants. Now that they are back the dogs are happily with them and probably enjoying their new found freedom of chasing the deer, rabbits and whatever else runs wild in Monticello, Utah.
I did find some energy to finish painting the rest of our house (interior) and it now looks complete, instead of a few rooms finished and a partially painted wall.
Yesterday, while getting ready to leave work, I changed out of my scrubs and into my workout clothes with the mindset of visiting the gym for the first time in a few months. By the time I made the 30 minute drive from work to where we live, with the gym a few miles away, I justified that I needed to get home and start dinner so I don't have to feel guilty that DH is cooking dinner again.
I am also finding it hard to post blogs, but I believe that the reason for that one is because my computer doesn't like blogs right now. Everytime I try to read someone's blog, I get script error reports and it refuses to open it up (too many problems with this old laptop of mine, I just need a new computer), so I am back to blogging at work, which is difficult when your trying your best to not lose energy there.
ENERGY - where did I lose you and how do I find you again?!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Who can resist A Christmas Story?

Who can resist the classic scene from A Christmas Story where Ralphie's friend Flick gets his tongue stuck to the flag pole?

I often wonder if kids still try it...Well that question can be answered at the following link, which was masterfully told and experienced by a fellow blogger.
One of my favorite "Joey" moments, You gotta read it:

Monday, July 4, 2011

Design Wall July 4th

After taking a couple weeks off the get my foot/ankle and knee/leg to heal, Saturday I sat down at the sewing maching to start planning my next move, what did I want to work on?
I thought it was fitting to work on this, since it is the Fourth of July weekend.
Saturday I traced some of the quilting patterns that I plan to do and started to to machine quilt around the red star. Since I have both white and dark colors that I need to mark, I used a pencil for the white areas and I had a white pencil for the dark areas, however after working the quilt around the machine while quilting the white pencil rubbed off. I have heard others using a disappearing pen that I would like to use. What marking tools do you use?
This is my second attempt at machine quilting in a very long time so I am very shaky at the free hand, floral type patterns. We shall see the outcome later this week.
To see what others have on their design wall, visit Judy L. at

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fourth of July 2011

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!
We are happy that we once again have internet at the house, so now I will be able to freely (like my choice of word?) blog instead of waiting to post what I can on my computer at work.

This weekend is the Fouth of July, hopefully everyone has wonderful plans, but don't forget to put out our Flag, showing reverence and respect for those who have served and sacrificed to make this country become and stay free. We owe a lot to these brave men and women.
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