Monday, July 4, 2011

Design Wall July 4th

After taking a couple weeks off the get my foot/ankle and knee/leg to heal, Saturday I sat down at the sewing maching to start planning my next move, what did I want to work on?
I thought it was fitting to work on this, since it is the Fourth of July weekend.
Saturday I traced some of the quilting patterns that I plan to do and started to to machine quilt around the red star. Since I have both white and dark colors that I need to mark, I used a pencil for the white areas and I had a white pencil for the dark areas, however after working the quilt around the machine while quilting the white pencil rubbed off. I have heard others using a disappearing pen that I would like to use. What marking tools do you use?
This is my second attempt at machine quilting in a very long time so I am very shaky at the free hand, floral type patterns. We shall see the outcome later this week.
To see what others have on their design wall, visit Judy L. at


  1. Uh, that's like a bajillion times better than I could do. Hope you have a terrific 4th!

  2. I have good luck with a blue marker by Clover. I tried sewline pencils but the marks did not come out of my light fabric.

  3. What a perfect quilt for the 4th. Good luck with the quilting. Nice to 'meet' a fellow Utah quilting blogger.
    Sandra in Moab


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