Thursday, September 15, 2011

Computer Troubles = Less Blogging Activity

This past seven weeks I was forced to stop any and all blogging activity.
Why, you ask?
The answer is quite simple; my 2006 Toshiba Laptop decided that it was too tired to do basically anything, and I mean anything. This made it very difficult to post blogs, especially my Design Walls to keep me on track with my quilting; read and respond to blogs, open any website that required and extra window to be opened, apply for jobs, thus halting the job hunt quite considerably; check emails, and even work on excel or word on projects.
Was it frustrating?
Why Yes! Very Frustrating! (notice the clean language - it was so frustrating I was swearing in my head - I know I'll repent - later)
I am still working on my old, slow, and nearly 'toe in the grave' computer.
What did I do to get it to work?
Funny thing you ask, I deleted my anti-virus software; plus I deleted a bunch of programs that I never have used. And now it seems to be working, slowly, but working. Before it was so slow dial-up was faster, now it barely beats dial-up.
So right now I am back - Hip Hip Hurray!
So what has been happening these few weeks? Well ---
1) My DH got a semi-decent job, but I have been told today that tomorrow is his last day - the roller coaster ride starts again - some of you know I DON'T CARE FOR ROLLERCOASTERS! The upside to this he will be hired on at E-Bay (a step higher than semi-decent job) once all of the bells and whistles have been checked, it may still be a couple weeks before he starts.
2) The 16 year old is now a junior, another rollercoaster of checking the grades website to find that being in school for only what 3 weeks? He already has work missing and is failing a couple classes. Will this ever end?
3) My quilting projects kind of halted, hopefully now being able to post will be that extra push to keep working, especially since there is another wedding in the family coming up soon; I still need to finish quilts that were for weddings in 2006 (yes the same year and month that I got my laptop - go figure).
4) I am in the middle of compiling a very large family cookbook, which consists of all of Mom's recipes that were in 'The Drawer", mine and my siblings' favorites, as well as Aunt's, Uncle's, Cousin's, Niece's and Nephew's favorites. I plan on printing out a few and auctioning them off at our next family reunion in 2012. So far I have about half Mom's and mine compiled, I am on page 200 and will be adding the rest of our large family's favorites as they come in. I am deciding that it is going to be too large and will be condensing the reunion book to just family recipes, but our immediate family can enjoy the 'uncondensed' version with recipes from old neighbors and friends. Yes, this is a hugh undertaking but it has kept my attention and enthusiam to get it all together I have even made some of the recipes and took pictures to be inserted by the recipe -- it is going to be great!
5) Lately I have been working on a long awaited resolution, and have been going to the gym. I am up to working on the eliptical for the same distance as a 5K, unfortunately it is on the easy setting, but I plan to get it built up that I will be able to start participating in actual 5Ks.
That seems to be all that I can think of at the moment, not too much of an exciting family, but we are still alive and kicking!

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