Monday, July 23, 2012

Catching Up

It is funny how life can automatically change you priorities. Last year it was all about quilts, baking and blogging; this year I have probably walked into my sewing room a couple times, baking comes and goes when needed, and I'm sad to say that I have read a very small amount of blogs. But I am trying to learn about 'moderation in all things' which is quite difficult, especially if you see my diet coke consumption.
Continuing from my last post 'Something had to get Cut" work still had a tight grip, and I started to feel the 'burn out' stage coming on, but luckily today is the beginning of a two week vacation/staycation which I am getting excited for.
Part of my vacation is a Perkins Family Reunion (my mother's side), we will be heading to Ruby's Inn down by Bryce Canyon. It will be fun to see relatives that I haven't seen for at least four years. As part of our reunion we all chip in crafts, toys, or goodies for an auction, which will help fund the next reunion's food budget. This past year I decided to compile a 'Family Cookbook' to take to the auction. I am excited to say - I AM DONE! and here is the results.
The finished product

Title Page for each section

On back of Title Page a small history of the family starting with my grandparents.

Was able to scan a copy of my Great Grandma's recipe in her handwriting.

Was able to insert all types of family pictures throughout the book.
Sure hope that it will be a success. I am very excited about it and happy with the end result.

Plus I am excited for my reprieve from work, hope that will rejuvenate me and get all my creative juices flowing again.

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  1. The Family cookbook looks wonderful! I'd be one of the folks bidding up a storm if that was my family recipes.


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