Friday, August 31, 2012

Undocumented Summer

We have had a busy, yet fun summer. Unfortunately I was not able to document it with a lot of quality pictures.

Our summer started with a hike to Donut Falls. It took us a little while to find the trail, but after some helpful bikers we started our wonderful scenic tough exhausting (I am so out of shape) hike.

This is where we found that our quality documentation will wither.

  Pictures where looking a bit off, until...
We documented that we where actually there...
It was not a real hot day, we did sweat a little, but we where not melting.
That is when I found that our camera was going on the fritz. Since then we have had a couple weddings in the family, without a camera... we have gone on other hikes and wonderful car rides, without a camera... and I was worried that I would have no documentation of our family reunion at Bryce Canyon.
Of course that is when I remembered that I do have a camera, on my phone, and not a bad one either.
Bryce Canyon was very pretty, I had never been there, and yes I am a native Utahn, just never found the time to get there. Just like when I lived in Seattle for 10 years and I never made it to Mount Rainier, something that I regret and will need to go when I visit there next time.

A couple days ago was my DH and myself's anniversary, he is surprised that I have put up with him for four years, but it has been wonderful to have found my eternal companion (took me long enough, but we are now together). Back to the point...for my anniversary/birthday (my birthday is in October), DH is taking me to Disney World and he wanted me to have a nice camera for our trip.

Now I can start taking pictures and documenting our lives again, especially since this weekend we are going to Cedar City to see the blessing of my new niece.

With just the little time I have played with the camera, I am very pleased with how it works.
It even has a PET setting, instead of red devil eyes, with that setting we can now show everyone my babies pretty blue eyes.
I am so spoiled.

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  1. melting oh what a world what a world. :p hmmm I perceive a new camera in your future. :)


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